At GTX, we want to ensure that our clients are competent in Crossfit movements before entering group class. We do this to keep all of our clients safe and improve their likelihood of being successful.

This will require you to start out with a minimum of three personal one-on-one  or two-on-one training session.  

During these sessions, you will become profeicient with the basic movements you will see in class.  The movements will include Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics and rowing.  You will also be educated on mobility, injury prevention, and nutrition.

 CrossFit is very technical.  Essentially, you will be learning a new sport. We want to ensure that you are technically ready to move forward with group classes. Secondly,  the personal training allows us to address your individual needs.  For example, nutrition, mobility, and strength can be individually assessed and addressed. Every person is different and has unique weaknesses, deficiencies, and injuries we need to work with and around.  Also, everyone works at a different pace and learns in different ways, so we want to work with you in ways you learn best.  We are working to set you on a path for longevity in your fitness goals.

 Additionally, we have seen that developing a one on one with a trainer right off the bat opens up a line of communication between the trainer and client and let us know what we can do to help you be successful.

 After your initial personal training sessions are complete, we’ll re-evaluate and decide together how many more sessions you may need in order to reach our group class requirements.

 Once you are in group class, every six months we encourage you to meet with your personal coach for a one-on-one session.  This will give you the opportunity to work on your weaknesses,  a technical movement that you want more help on, or get some additional nutritional help.

 It is our primary objective to ensure your success and safety.