How long have you been doing CrossFit? Do you remember your first workout at GTX?
I have had the pleasure of being Personally Trained for almost 8 weeks now.. I believe the first time I met with Dianne was June 6th. I do remember my first workout with Dianne at GTX...that is because it was just a meet and greet to chat, fill out some paperwork and see where I was at physically. The reason I remember is due to the fact that I was so frustrated with my lack of strength and ability to do to anything, I was a complete BLOB. I was sweating and working hard just during my assessment but Dianne kept telling me that I was, "doing good, keep it up, you got this!" I left knowing that I had to make my body and the balance of my body a priority because I had jsut met the trainer I needed to support me in that success. 20 minutes after leaving from my first meeting/assessment with Dianne I felt lighter than I had in years.
If you could design your perfect "Erin Achiles" workout, what would it be?
MY perfect workout would start with light walking to get my head on straight, some stretching and then some rowing, the prowler (eventhough it makes me want to puke), kettlebells, squats, anything that has to do with strengthening and ABS. Basically anything that Dianne throws at me is perfect because I don't have to think I just get to accomplish! 
What is your proudest training moment?
My proudest training moment was about 5 weeks ago. I remember exactly how I felt and where I was. I was in the middle of doing a 4 round endurance set and I happened to be starting my 3rd round with the prowler. I tend to get pretty serious when I am trying hard and do not have the ability to talk, also lets be honest, I was super out of shape. I was working so hard and just couldn't get into the grove and headspace I needed to kick this workouts ass when Dianne asked my how my kids were doing. I stopped rounding out the prowler to take another lap, stood up and started to cry. I know, I know...girls are so emotional that moment I realized I was carrying around a ton of worry, anxiety and fear about my oldest son, Gavin, and it all came out in a huge ugly cry. Dianne let me have this time to let it go, she never once questioned me or told me to keep going or suck it up...she gave me that time to let it go, process and support me. I realized that I never felt ashamed or embarrassed by my outburst because I was in a safe place with someone who understood on many levels. The reason this is my proudest moment was because I went on the have the best workout after that emotional 5 minutes where I went into full beast mode, I even patted myself on the back. I figured out just how strong I actually was that day mentally, emotionally and physically. Proudest training moment because it is when I realized that it is all up to ME! 
Tell us about your life outside of the box!
WOW, there is so much I would talk about! Well, I am married to the most incredible dude, Jon, and have been married for 15 years. We have 4 amazing kids Gavin(11), Claire(7), Jackson(5) and Hannah(3) who totally rule my world and drive me crazy. Jon and the kiddos are all the loves of my life and the reason I strive to have balance. My oldest has Autism and 3 of my kiddos have a neurological speech disorder called Apraxia so life is filled with medical appointments, therapies, school and keeping them fed!

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, I am an only child who grew up in a musical family so my background was in music until I got the medical bug and went to nursing school after two years of music school in college. I was always active and even played competitive sports through high school but ended due to injury. I became a nurse on the Trauma ICU floor at UMC until I had my first son. When Gavin was born I knew that my life had been changed forever. I became a part time nurse at Raytheon and Arizona Oncology as a Chemotherapy Administration nurse until my third child was born. I knew, as our family kept growing, that it was best for me to leave my career and become a stay at home mom. This has been the best choice for me and our family but left me with the inability to find balance where my health was concerned. Life is totally and completely crazy and filled with ups and downs but, what a fun ride it is.
What song pumps you up the most?
DJ Snake - Turn Down for gets me going every time! 
Goals for this year?  
Balancing life with kids, husband, working out, get physically stronger, keep prioritizing nutrition, increase meal prep for the week, more weight loss for the old joints, maintain consistency, decrease sugar intake and keep positive! 
What advice would you give to someone wanting to try Personal Training for the first time?
DO IT!!! There are always going to be excuses but taking the time, energy and recourses to try Personal Training is going to be a win/win. DO IT!! 
Favorite Quote: 
There will be obstacles.
There will be doubters.
There will be mistakes.
But with hard work, there are no limits.
Anything else you'd like to write: 
I would really like to thank Dianne for all she has done for me and with me. She was the missing part to the balance that I so desperately have been needing due to her skill, experience, knowledge and expertise. She is amazing and I appreciate her so much!

I also want to thank my other half and partner, Jon. If it wasn't for him I would not have this opportunity. His support is and always has been endless and unconditional.