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  • 18 Sep
    September 18, 2014



    I think we can all agree that most people would like to have a flat stomach or a 6-pack.  If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me for ab exercises I’d probably have about five to six bucks! Ok, I wouldn’t be rich but you get the point.  That’s still over a hundred people!  The good news is we all have a set of 6-pack abs.  The not so good news is that some of us have more fat covering them than others. No amount of exercises or machines will magically reveal your abs.  TheBEST way to reveal your abs is to lose the layer of fat covering them. How do we do that?  Proper food, yes exercise is important, but if you’re not eating right you’ll never see that 6-pack!

    “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Have you heard that quote before? Well, it’s true. I think for the most part people totally agree. However, emotionally it does not click.  I’ve seen people doing marathon abdominal work. They do four or five different exercises.  They try to target the upper, lower, inner and outer, left, right, etc. They do tons of weighted side bends trying to get rid of those love handles. Guess what?  You cannot spot reduce!What I mean by this is that you can’t pick and choose the areas that you would like to lose the fat and do exercises that work those areas expecting the fat to magically disappear. Your body does not work that way. The only way to decrease the amount of fat in certain key areas is by lowering your total body fat levels.As you lose fat, it will come off all over your body, not just in specific areas.

    It’s kind of interesting to watch sometimes. They have the right motivation, but they are misdirected.  If they expended halfthe energy on their diet as they do doing rep after rep of crunches, machines and hanging leg raises, they would already have their 6-pack.  Combine this with the fact that you cannot out-train a bad diet, it becomes clear that what you eat is going to be the primary factor in getting rid of excess body fat.

    The CrossFit way of eating is to follow the Paleo diet.  We know this. However, there are specific foods higher in fiber that will help a little more with fat loss.  Foods high in fiber normalize blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full longer. Some of the best sources of dietary fiber include:

    GREENS- Turnip, Mustard, Collard, Spinach, Beet, SwissChard, Kale.








    FRUITS- Berries, Avocado, Pears, Oranges, Apples, Figs, Prunes

    Another important aspect is drinking enough water.  Besides the fact that staying hydrated will help you feel full, water actually helps the body metabolize stored fat by keeping our kidney’s functioning properly. Drinking water is also the best treatment for fluid retention when our sodium intake is high.

    One last tip is to be prepared. We’re an on-the-go society which is why fast food chains are so popular to begin with.  However, if you’re looking for that 6-pack, you’re going to have to find alternatives to even the “healthy” sodium laden food choices found in restaurants and fast food chains. With a little planning, this isn’t all that difficult. Always keep healthy snacks on hand such as nuts & seeds, fruit, pre-cut veggies & jerky. If you’re someone who spends all day Sunday preparing the week’s meals, this probably isn’t an issue for you. But if you’re like me who typically goes day by day, spend one day just preparing snacks for the week. A little prep work goes a long way.

    Even though we focused on nutrition, it is still extremely important to strengthen your core. Not for aesthetic reasons either. The core is where all movement originates. Your core muscles are the center of your bodies strength. Having a strong core will make you more physically powerful, improve posture, help prevent back injuries and maintain equilibrium and stability for exercising, physical activity and LIFE. Remember, it’s not just “ab” exercises either. Strengthening the entire core (abs, lower back, pelvic and hip muscles) is what we need to focus on.You get plenty of the best core exercises doing CrossFit & Kettlebell movements. Snatches, Cleans, Jerks & Presses, Squats, Swings…you get the picture.

    Here’s to a strong core and a nice 6-pack!  Happy eating!

  • 08 Sep
    September 8, 2014

    GTX North CrossFit Wods Sept 8-13


    Swod: Hang Snatch 3-3-3 (power or squat)

    Metcon: 2 Rounds for time

    50 double unders
    40 Situps
    30 Push Ups
    20 Alternating Dbell Power Snatches (50/35)(from floor)
    10 Pullups


    Skill: Dumbbell hang squat clean

    Swod: Dumbbell hang squat clean 3 x 10
    Ring Rows 3 x max reps

    Metcon: EMOM 20 Minutes

    2 Deadlifts
    1 Power Clean
    1 Front Squat
    1 Push Press



    Swod: Bench Press 3 x 12
    Ring or Bar Dips 3 x 12

    Metcon: Partner Wod: I go you go

    8 rounds for time (4 rounds each)

    Row 250m
    5 Hand Stand Push ups
    10 Toes To Ring


    Swod: OH Squat 2-2-2-2-2

    Metcon: For Time

    Run 1 Mile
    Rest 2 Minutes
    Run 800m
    Rest 1 Minute
    Run 400m


    Skill: Kipping pullup

    Metcon: “Cindy”

    20 Min Amrap

    5 Pullups
    10 Pushups
    15 Squats


    Swod: Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2

    Metcon: Complete Reps of 20-15-10

    American Swings (53/35)

  • 07 Sep
    September 7, 2014



    Push Press
    70% x 3
    80% x 3
    90% x 3
    4×10 Towel Pull ups
    A. Swing (70/53)
    Wall Ball (20/14)
    Power Clean
    70% x 3
    80% x 3
    90% x 3
    3×20 DBL. KB Squat
    Front Squat (135/ 95)
    Ring Dips
    Split Jerk Technique
    Row 1000m
    50 OHS (45 lbs)
    30 Burpees
    Bench Press
    70% x 3
    80% x 3
    90% x 3
    4×10 KB SDHP
    12 Min AMRAP
    30 Double unders
    20 Push ups
    10 T2B
    70% x 3
    80% x 3
    90% x 3
    5 x 10 A. Swing
    40 Thrusters (95/65)
    40 Pull ups
    Snatch Technique
    Hang Clean (185/125)
    Hand Release Push ups


  • 07 Sep
    September 7, 2014

    Phoenix CrossFit Competition

    CrossFit competitors — If you are interested in being on a team for the phoenix Europa Expo


    Please send a message to Gene. I hope to have several teams compete just like we did last year and like last year I’d like to put teams together based on a qualifying event.

    The qualifying event this year will be the GTX In-house competition. GTX trainers are exempt, but if you want to get onto a team for Europa and you are not a trainer at GTX, sign-up! We want to see what you can do in a competition.

    You can compete as an individual and on a team, but not as a Master’s or Youth individual and a team.

  • 01 Sep
    September 1, 2014

    Labor Day Kettlebells

      3 Rounds for total reps

    • 1 min max Russian swings (53/35)
    • 1 min max pushups
    • 1 min max air squats
    • 1 min max thruster (44/30)
    • 1 min max cal row
    • 1 min rest
  • 31 Aug
    August 31, 2014

    Labor Day Schedule

    Reminder of holiday schedule for Sept 1 (Labor Day).

    GTX North – 8:30am only.

    GTX East – 5:30am Boot Camp, 8:30am Kettlebells, 12:00 CrossFit (everyone welcome at any/all three workouts)

  • 26 Aug
    August 26, 2014

    GTX North Wods for Aug 25-30


    Wod: For time:

    25 Handstand Push Ups
    50 Toes To Bars
    Run, 800 m
    100 Push Press, (45/35)
    200 Double Unders


    Swod: Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

    Metcon: 21-15-9 reps, for time of:

    Front Squat (95/65)(from the floor/no racks)


    Swod: Clean & Jerk 5-5-5 (power or squat clean)

    Metcon: 10 Minute Amrap

    25-BW Squats
    25-American Swings (53/35)
    25-Ab Mat Sit ups


    Skill: KB Snatch

    Swod: Bench Press 3×15
    Chin-ups 3×15

    Metcon: Partner wod- I go you go 12 min amrap

    Row 200m
    Kb Snatch 8R+8L


    Skill: Rowing/Running Tech.

    Wod: Run 1 mile
    Rest 2 minutes
    Row 2k
    Rest 2 minutes
    Run 1 mile


    Swod: Hang Snatch 5-5-5 (power or squat)

    Metcon: For time:

    100 double under buy in then:

    complete reps of 30-20-10 of:

    Wall Balls (20/14)
    Barbell SDHP (75/55)

    Saturday option #2 @ 9:30am

    “Hot Shots 19 Wod”

    6 Rdsft:

    30 Air Squats
    19 Power Cleans (135/95)
    7 Strict Pullups
    Run 400m

    This is a fundraiser $20 or more entry donation.

    Scaling options will be available for the workout.

  • 25 Aug
    August 25, 2014

    GTX East CrossFit August 25-30


    Power Clean




    4×25 Goblet Squat

    12 Min AMRAP

    5 Strict HSPU

    10 Strict Pull up

    16 Lunges


    Push Press




    5×10 Weighted pull up


    Deadlift (225/135)

    Push ups on the barbell (touch chest to bar)


    Box Jump Technique

    7 Min AMRAP

    Row 10 Cal

    10 Burpees over rower






    5×10 Double R. Swing (heavy)


    Hang Clean(135/95)

    CTB Pull up






    5×10 KB row or Ring Row

    3 Rounds

    Row 1000m

    20 Russian Swings (70/53)


    Clean Technique

    Run 1 mile

  • 24 Aug
    August 24, 2014

    Kettlebell workouts for August 25-29



    snatch technique


    • Russian Swing 3×8 r+L
    • KB Snatch 3×8 r+l



      3 RDSFT:

    • Run 400m
    • 21 Russian Swings
    • 12 Strict Pullups
    • (RX M62-F40)




    kipping pullup technique


      partner up for 3 rounds each of:

    • kipping pullups s/s KB Bench Press-Max reps (3 minutes rest)

      15 Minute amrap:

    • 5 Goblet Lunges r+L
    • 10 Goblet Squats
    • 15 Sit ups
    • Run 200m
    • (Rx M53-F35)


    Heavy Metal Friday

    • DBL Russian Swings 4×10
    • DBL Push Press or Push Jerk 4×5
    • 1/2 TGU R+L 4×5
    • DBL Squat 4×5
    • L-Hang – accumulate 2 minutes
  • 18 Aug
    August 18, 2014

    Schedule Change

    Saturday 7am Kettlebells at GTX East will be cancelled effective August 23rd. There is a Kettlebell class at GTX North on Saturdays at 7:30am


    Saturday only, Tuesday and Thursday at 7am are continuing, sorry for any confusion.

  • 14 Aug
    August 14, 2014

    By: Amber

    One of the most amazing things about GTX is the diverse group of members, training clients and staff
    we have. From your stay at home mom, to a doctor, military, border patrol and fire fighter…this list
    just goes on as I learn more about the people I am so fortunate to be surrounded by. Not only are we
    diverse in our professions, but we are also diverse in WHY we are with GTX! I have been thinking a lot
    about each individual person’s motivation. I want to challenge everyone to remember why you come in
    – and think about your goals. Not your friends goals, not mine…YOURS!

    We all were introduced to working out and staying active at different times in our lives. Whether you
    are the person who has been an athlete and in sports since before you could walk, or maybe you joined
    later in adult hood in order to reduce your risk of health problems, or you wanted to lose weight and
    feel confident. Whatever the reason is, it is so important to ALWAYS remember WHY you are here. The
    reasons will change, just like we grow with each passing year. It means with growth comes change, and
    yes sometimes change is uncomfortable, undesireable and comes with a few growing pains. That is
    the beauty though. I have seen so many of you fight through challenges in life, in the gym, and within
    ourselves. At the end of the day, each and every one of us has a reason to be in the gym.

    Remembering why we are here is so important to sticking with it, and not getting caught up in
    comparing yourself to the person next to you in class, or feeling that the workout is “out of your
    league”. It is those moments I want you all to stop – think about your reason – and get back to it. Don’t
    want to compete? OK! No one will look down on you for that. Your goal and your purpose is for you,
    not for anyone else. Will it always be easy? Not a chance. If you put in the work, know your goals and
    do it for yourself, you will get exactly what you put in.

    I challenge every single person to write down at the top 3 reasons you joined GTX in your beginning,
    now write down your top 3 reasons you are here now. Share it with another member, a trainer or your
    family and hold it close. Set your mind to having a good time, mingling with your coaches and your
    friends in class. In those times of doubt, remember you are here for you.

  • 13 Aug
    August 13, 2014

    Simple Advice for Making Progress By: Shaun Hazelton

    When I hit puberty, I did the next logical thing and got myself in the weight room. From that moment on, my life, in one way or another revolved around this haven.

    Learning about lifting, understanding the mechanics, the anatomy, the mentality, the work, the time, the effort, the frustration and ultimately the rewards influenced many of the decisions I have made in life, either directly or indirectly.

    My whole life I have been driven to understand the things that I care about, and as a result, over 50% of that time I have made it a point to comprehend strength and conditioning and all the things revolving around it: competition, weightlifting, Crossfit, toughness, and competitive advantage. At each stage in my life, I made sure that I knew enough about these things that allowed me to have some level of success at each stage.

    Through this journey, I have been thrown many lessons and, not surprisingly, the majority of them did not come from textbooks and professors. Here are some honest tips that, with any luck, will help you reach what you want to achieve in your fitness.

    First, know where you want to go. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it’s pretty tough to go somewhere fast if you don’t know where you are headed. Once you know where you want to go, get out the highlighters and roadmap, pack the snacks, and put your foot on the gas. When you make the commitment to do something (only you know if you have truly done this or not), then nearly nothing can stop you. In other words, if you know where you want to be, no matter the costs, how uncomfortable, how sore you are, it is easier to see these as steps forward to a goal instead of inconveniences. Take it seriously because commitment allows you to block weakness from your mind.

    Expect detours and find alternate routes. It goes back to commitment because when you wholeheartedly commit to a goal (again, no one can do this for you), winning and losing can nearly evaporate. To use the commonplace phrase, it’s all about the journey. There is a lot of truth to this, but you need to first put yourself in a position to understand and accept the possibility of succeeding tremendously or falling on your face.

    Take only your closest friends on the trip. There will be people who tell you not to go. Others will be mad at you for leaving. And still others who feel like they should be there with you. And finally, there will be people jealous that you completed the trip. Expect this. People are resistant to change, even when it is change in others. Surround yourself with supportive people who truly want to see you do your best.

    The trip doesn’t always need to be entertaining. Do you want to be entertained or do you want to get in shape? Training with a goal is not always amusing. Expect a lot of repetition and hard deliberate practice. How can you do something a couple of times leisurely and expect to improve? It is impossible. Slow steady and more than likely boring progress is the answer. When training fails to entertain, simply view it as another part of your day, a box to check. Since you know where you are headed, it’s always seen as a step forward. There is no need to make drastic change in plans or reroute the trip because of boredom. Look, if you got bored of brushing your teeth, would you stop worrying about dental hygiene? Of course not. The same principle can apply to training. Like scrubbing your chops, training is just something that you do.

    Conversely, make it fun. Good Lord! Have some fun. Truly, some of the most fun I have ever had is in the weight room. I have had or witnessed the hardest laughs, wittiest jokes, most insightful truths, smartest questions, most physical and mental toughness, and pure grit and determination within the walls of a weight room.

    Fun, of course, is defined by the individual. Do what you need to do to be successful and enjoy your training. If that means loud music, crank it. If that means staying to your self between sets, get isolated. If it means yelling and screaming after a PR, for the love of God, get excited because a lot of work went into it.

    Imagine watching a pro football game and after a touchdown everyone walked calmly and stoically back to the sideline. Does that look like a team that you want to play for? Of course not. Excitement changes momentum of the game and that competitive advantage can apply to your training. I have, on many occasion, witnessed when the atmosphere feels mopey and down until someone hits a big lift and brings the others with him or her. Seek to be the person who changes the environment. Set the tone, have some fun, and get excited.

    Personally, I like to remind myself before competitions to go hard and have fun. I simply make those two things my goal. Look, wanting to win is implied in competition, it doesn’t need to be instructed, but having this mindset helps take the outcome out of the equation and removes some of the external stress involved in competition. I know I was successful if I can look myself in the mirror and feel confident that I went as hard as I could and rarely missed an opportunity to laugh.

    All of the people that I admire and look up to have one thing in common and that is that they are truly committed to something. Whether it was winning football games, losing 20 pounds, cleaning 300 pounds etc. They decided what they wanted and regardless of obstacles, they went after it. Find where you want to go, commit to going, expect challenges, have support, don’t depend on entertainment, have some fun, enjoy the drive.

  • 11 Aug
    August 11, 2014

    GTX North CrossFit Wods Aug 11-16


    Skill: Pistol Technique

    Swod: Pistol 3×10 R+L

    Metcon: 20 Min Partner Amrap-I go You go

    5-Back Squats (185/135)
    7-Ring Pullups
    Row 200m


    Swod: Clean & Jerk 2-2-2

    Metcon: For time:

    Run 1 mile
    Rest 2 minutes
    Run 1/2 mile
    Rest 1 minute
    Run 400m


    Skill: Bar Muscle Ups

    Swod: Bar Muscle Ups 3 x Max Reps (scale 3 x max kipping Pullups & Bar Dips)

    Metcon: Tabata’s

    Russian Swings (70/53) 4-Min

    Rest 1 Minute

    Ab Mat Sit-Ups 4-Min

    Rest 1 Minute
    Double Unders 4-Min


    Swod: Hang Snatch (power or squat) 2-2-2

    Metcon: “Danny”

    20 min amrap

    30-box jump (24″/20″)
    20-push press (115/75)
    30 pull-ups


    Swod: Bench Press 3×15
    Renegade Row 3×10 (5R+5L) (KB or DB)

    Metcon: 3 Rounds for time:

    Row 500m
    25 Pushups


    Skill: Rope Climb

    Swod: OH Squat 1-1-1-1-1

    Metcon: Partner Wod

    As a 2 man team complete the following tasks in any order for time:

    *Only 1 person works at a time can switch on and off as many times as needed

    15 Rope Climbs (scaled 2 rope climb attempts)
    30 OH Squats (95/65)
    30 Thrusters (95/65)
    60 Deadlifts (95/65)

  • 11 Aug
    August 11, 2014

    Energy Systems by: Jason Westmoreland

    When a new person comes into the gym, I show them the board. We go over the warm ups, strength, and the WOD of the day. Then they ask the question…Where is the cardio? Obviously, they are new and have not experienced our “Cardio” yet. So, while I give them a quicker explanation, this blog is a longer more detailed explanation.

    Where is the “Cardio”?

    There are three metabolic pathways.The phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative.
    1. The Phosphagen pathway provides the majority of energy used in highest-powered activities (i.e., snatch, cleans, jerks,golf swings…etc).
    2. The Glycolytic (second pathway) dominates moderate-powered activities, those that last up to several minutes (i.e., Fran, Grace, 400m run/row…etc).
    3. The Oxidative pathway provides energy for low-powered activities, those that last in excess of several minutes (i.e., 2000m rows, 1 mile runs., Murph..etc.).

    The use of these three metabolic pathways in an activity determines wether the activity is considered aerobic or anaerobic. Anaerobic activities use phosphagen and glycolytic systems. These systems generate energy without the need of oxygen.
    Aerobic activities in contrast, require oxygen for energy production. (Glassman, 2003). There is plenty debate on which is better (Aerobic vs Anaerobic) for training. The beauty of Crossfit is that we train with both (utilizing all three of the metabolic pathways).

    In Coach Glassman’s article, What is Fitness, he states that “Balancing the effects of these three pathways largely determines the how and why of the metabolic conditioning or “Cardio” that we do at Crossfit” (Glassman, 2002).

    Let’s use last week’s programming at the North location to help explain Coach Glassman’s statement.

    Monday we had the clean and jerk and Wednesday we had the Hang snatch.
    Both lifts are “high-powered activities” that require the use of Type IIb fast twitch fibers.
    These exercises (almost exclusively phosphagen) are about speed and power.
    Power is moving large loads, long distances, quickly”(Glassman, 2009). These are anaerobic.

    Monday’s Metcons (Deadlift/ Double unders) and Thursdays (“Grace”) require the phosphagen and Glycolytic pathway. Again, these are anaerobic activities – based on time.
    If these workouts take the athlete longer then intended, they use energy through the oxidative pathway, thus becoming Aerobic (i.e., a “Grace” time in 3 min vs. 15 min).
    This is a scaling issue – a separate subject to be studied later.

    On Tuesday we had the chipper. The gym average was around 20 minutes. This would be considered more of a Aerobic metcon. “Murph” usually takes the average person 45 minutes. This also would be more of an Aerobic metcon. These are not fun for everyone. However, they are necessary in order to increase our aerobic capacity.

    Wednesday we had the “I go you go” wod. This is considered interval training. These Metcons require rest periods of unspecified duration (i.e. the amount of time it took your partner to finish their round) between exercise bouts. These are hybrids metcons.
    Your work time is fast and hard (anaerobic). This produces lactic acid accumulation in the primary muscles used. During the rest time (aerobic) oxygen is used to allow the lactic acid to be used for energy in the recovery process. (Leyland, 2007). This recovery process allows us to perform at higher intensity every round. And, we love high intensity!

    So, Where is the cardio?

    As you can see, our “cardio” is everywhere. Monday thru Saturday. We do not specialize. I will let Coach Glassman (2003) close my blog:

    “CrossFit athletes live in a steady state of physical preparedness that leaves them primed for specialized training and unknown physical challenges regardless of whether the demands are aerobic, anaerobic, or both.”

    The resources below are all from the Crossfit Journal. These are free and full of great information. If you have not read Coach Glassman’s first journals please do.